Monday, May 13, 2013

Lyrics to "2004:OdysseyZero" by DoomsDayDevice

*I cheated and changed the "2004" in line 3, to "2013" to bring it up to date a little. Sue me. The whole point of blogging this 9 years later is the fact that it still means alot to me and I like reading, writing and saying it.*

Control keeps the mind locked away from the user.
Your reality is based on information being fed to you by a person you will never meet.
It's The Sims 2013, with all the subtlety of watching The Matrix in fast-forward,
skipping all the dialogue.

It's a bible bog, 
where the words of the wise, over time, have been turned into a subconscious off-switch for the mind,
and I didn't wanna use the word "BLIND".

Blind to the fact that this is only the second fucking act,
Evolution's off track,
You can still knock down what you have stacked.

Lust in the dust of the In God We Trust,
and it's a must,
'cause you're bragging about the overseer's chains when you bust,
about the upper-crust, the stuff small minded dreams were made of,
The barren waste of:
 the Saints 
 the sinners
 the wheelers
 the dealers
 the patriots
 whose patriarchs promise an eternity in Valhalla,

for every single American with a yellow ribbon on the back of their car,
whose only sense of faith and hope lies in the fact that
someone, is killing
somebody, in the name of The American Way Of Life,

a life who's expectancy grows shorter with every generation
and each poisons the next,
it's like a hex,
the life and death of the microscopical specks,
that already shows a stunt in the tide,
it's almost the end of the ride,
for those dinosaurs that failed to grow wings and fly,
above the tar rising from outside,
and just abide.

The epitaph of the world is gonna say 
that The Human Race existed just to be its own slave.
Arthur Clarke and Stanley Kubrik said we'd be on our way,
but now we're in the future while we live in yesterday.

The final pages of the book are gonna say
that The Word Of God was written in the planet's DNA.
And God came for his people in a hell of a way,
fell asleep among the bones, and he died where he lay.

                       DUE TO THE FACT THAT THE ANOMALY
                       HAS EVOLVED 
                       BEYOND THE FASHION SHOW,
                       BEYOND THE MONEY CIRCLE,
                       LARGER THAN LIFE AND TWICE AS UGLY,
                       AT THE TREE-DWELLERS, LIVING IN FEAR
                       A SPECIES SCARED TO GROW.

Peace... or the extreme lack there-of,