Friday, December 7, 2012

Initial Impressions Of The Star Trek 2 Teaser

So, let's talk Star Trek. 
The trailer looks huge, but every movie looks huge these days. Huge is obsolete. I loved the first one when I saw it in the theater but was never able to finish it a second time. It just doesn't say "Star Trek" to me (I know, I'm pathetic. I'm still wishing for a Voyager movie... or, at least, DS9). The RedLetterMedia review addressed a lot of the things I felt were out of place, but even Mr. Plinkett seemed to like it more than me.
This one looks even less like the source material. Can't help it. Star Trek isn't about vengeance and action movie cliches. Even if it was, the first one was already about a super-villain guy threatening Earth and the whole Federation. Doesn't this crew ever get the urge to "boldly go where no man has gone before"? Seems like they're too busy constantly saving the Earth to ever get the time to go exploring.
Also, are they trying to sell the Sherlock guy as Kahn?
He's a decent Sherlock Holmes, but Ricardo Montalban, he is not. Nowhere near, in fact.
I know, Chris is hating on Star Trek 2, Chris is hating on World War  Z, Chris thinks the old G-Rated Jack The Giant Killer is a classic and the remake looks like a straight-to-video sequel to the putrid Clash Of The Titans remake (I'll admit, the newer trailer looks a little more promising).
Well, I'm still doing the pee-pee dance over The Hobbit (by the way, my annual 12-hour LOTR marathon is this coming week so hide if you know me) and I have complete faith in the inimitable Lloyd Kaufman's Return To Nuke 'Em High. Oh, and don't forget Don Coscarelli's John Dies In The End.
So there.

Go ahead. Tell me why I'm wrong. I'd love to be.