Monday, August 20, 2007

A Cruel Joke God Played On The Humans And Insects

They take you in and care for you
and, in the night, while you sleep,
they insert tiny insects into your ear canals.

One for each ear,
and the two race to their destiny.
A battle to the death in the center of the brain.
A battle who's victor will become a god.

All God's Good People go to The Light
and all God's Good People become gods themselves.

So it is written.
There's even proof.

They arise on the first day
to find that they walk on two legs
and are capable of the pleasures of man.

In a week they have forgotten
they were ever anything but.

In five weeks they die
in an orgy of excess,
led by flashing lights, cheap techno music
and hallucinogens
right over the edge of the steepest cliff in the valley.

They fuck as they fall
and praise Heaven for it all,
and are recorded as official deities
in "God's Good Book Of Gods"
by the 4th Week Brothers & Sisters, a privileged chore,
just like it instructs in the book.

The 3rd Week is recruiting duty
and nothing can go wrong.
"God's Good Book" supplies the outline
for acceptable candidates
and proper recruitment technique.
The host must not possess
the capacity to fend off
both spiritual gladiators
before they reach their battlefield.

God's Good Children of Week 2
frolic from the backyard of The Holy Home
out into the forest,
2 by 2, naked, holding hands,
laughing and singing
and stopping periodically to distract one another
with kisses and massages and groping.

They lay at the foot of The Queen
and open wide their mouths
in The Bliss Of Immortal Servitude,
and she is generous,
filling their thankful bellies
with the eggs of their future brethren.

They are the Mothers & Fathers Of God,
the Good Book tells them,
and at the end of that
glorious 5th week
when they Sail Off The Edge Into The Light,
they will shed the physical form
that has brought them such happiness
in this all-too-short life
(for this is the only way to prepare the soul for absolute divinity),
and it will plummet into the valley below,
and burst open on the sharp rocks strategically placed there,
releasing the newly hatched larvae
of God's Good People,
anxiously awaiting their turn at fate.