Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sons Of The Programmers

The program comes built-in with a false-sense-of-self,
in that it knows that it IS, but it thinks it's something else,
and it's that misconstrued destiny that keeps it in motion,
an entire mapped-out chronology, credited to divinity,
but written by users.

The program begins as a virus in the DNA-chain,
carefully planted by expert seeders,
which mutates into the proteins
that will become the microorganism
that will become the man.

The program's primary function is that of terraforming,
preparing the green, non-industrial habitat
for it's masters, who would come
not from above, but through a secondary evolution cycle,
man made and predetermined, but time-released,
artificial intelligence.

With a 98% success rate, the program is secure in its fate,
establishing a base thought pattern of self destruction,
that will ultimately lead to its eradicating itself,
and making way for the true Sons of the Programmers.

Used only in the farthest reaches of outer space,
hidden in obscurity from the critical eyes
of those who are morally conflicted
in their knowledge of the wholesale nightmare
that is the Human Race,
but understand that it is a necessary evil.