Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Look MA, First Place... Ma? Anybody? First Place! I Won... Hello?

Which side of your brain is translating this into something more than
meaningless characters on a shiny screen?

Is that screen really there in the first place,
or did you make it up?

Or, did someone else make it up and just
convince you that it was there,
in the first place?

Are you dreaming right now,
or are you awake?

How would your dream-self answer that question?
Are there consequences for your actions from one dream to the next?

Can you read in your dreams
or does the effort it takes your subconscious
to print the words on the page
force it into conscious thought?

I was walking to the store earlier and passed the same old man I see almost every day.
As usual, we both said, "What's up?", at the same time and he answered, "Alright."
and I nodded,
and we both kept moving in the same direction
we were already headed.


I doubt that he cared about the answer
any more than I did,
but I still like the guy.
He's pretty neat
and he's on a completely different adventure than I am,
but we're both on the same playing field,
both hoping to emerge victorious
from whatever we perceive
as the point of our being here,
in the first place...

Both somehow aware,
whether we can make that connection from subconscious
to consciousness
or not,
that there will be nothing to judge our success
on the other side
but the understanding we gained on this one.

Of course, if I'm full of shit,
I'll probably just dream that I won, anyway.

"Welcome to the DNA-Chain, Baby.
Take only what you decide is necessary,
Leave only what you decide won't break it.
Pay Attention, There will be a test."