Friday, July 7, 2006

Back To The Ole Drawing Board

I'm scared to death of you fuckin monkeys.
Did you get pissed about Kim Jong Il firing off those "test" missiles? Yeah? Me too. Fuck that crazy little bastard. I been scared of nuclear war since i was a kid, and now this little prick wants to redress the stage. Did you see that greasy fuckin smirk on George Bush's face when he talked to the press about it. Fucker's happier than a kid on Christmas morning. I kept waiting for the camera to close in and show Calibos from Clash Of The Titans in his eye doing that horrible scream, like on Wonder Showzen. What a creepy fuck.
I've had it with the politics of this world. I could give a fuck about who's policies outweigh whoever Else's. The leaders of this world are the broken leg of evolution. They represent the very worst of the worst that humanity has to offer. The ones in charge know mind-bogglingly little about anything.
I didn't ask to be born here, but here i am, 33 years into the game, so i don't go around bitching about it like some old goth.
I learned when I was a kid, if you go to school pretending to be sick and they don't let you leave, you gotta keep up the charade so nobody accuses you of lying, and, by the end of the day, you're really sick. Same thing in life. I hate the established social order that was set up ages before I got here, and expects me to play along. I would tear it down if I could. I could give a shit about whatever asshole decided money and organized religion and nation states would be the "way things are", but, you know what? That's "the way things are". I might make it known that I think it's fucked, but, in the end, I gotta read from left to right if I wanna understand what you wrote, dig? I'm an idealist in a world with some pretty bizarre and twisted ideals. body's gonna admit that, as a a PLANET, we misstepped and created weapons that could destroy the planet (HEY WAIT! THAT'S US!). We purposely invented weapons that will release chemicals that will distort our own DNA...permanently...and create cancer and slowly eat away our enemies' organs...and hopefully, not be used against us...the good guys. Except, that everyone who has these weapons considers themselves the good guys. Who's the bad guys?


Those fuckers. Pray that they never get their hands on the horrible destructive powers that WE have. If we find out they're working on acquiring our diabolical technology, then we'll have no choice but to use it on them. Fuck 'em. I didn't like 'em anyway. Our God could whip their God's ass, but he won't cause he's better than that. Hell, we're just better people in general. We only have all these missiles and weapons to protect us from their crazy asses. We don't know what they're planning way over there. For all we know, they're making more fun of us than we are of them. You just KNOW they hate us cause of our cars and our air conditioning and the fact that Tom Cruise is from here and not there. They'd like nothing better than to take away all our cool stuff we were conditioned to work so hard for.
Fuck that.
I haven't spent my entire life being a slave to these dollars I been stacking just to watch some religious nut from WAY OVER THERE come and fly a plane into it. I got goals, Goddammit, and they include keeping all my stuff...and getting all the stuff that they got that i want, and they BETTER not try to hide it from me.

You ever cheated on your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife? Not like a one time slip-up kinda thing, but on the regular? It makes you a crazy, paranoid person. Your mind is so busy making up scenarios of how you might get busted, that it eventually turns the person you're supposed to be the most honest with into your enemy. You didn't mean to turn them into that. If you initially wanted them gone, you'd have just said it and that would be that. But your mind wandered and here you are. Once you turn a relationship into a battle, there's no way to fix it from within the relationship. You poisoned it, now all you can do is watch it die. Of course, most people are afraid of letting it die, cause that would be an admission of failure, plus couples become habit-forming and, you might not wanna be stuck screwing the same piece of ass for the rest of your life, but you sure as fuck don't wanna end up alone and this is the person who knows you best and, somewhere in that creepy, dark soul of yours, you need them and couldn't imagine starting from scratch elsewhere. So you continue to lie and betray their trust, and you continue to drive yourself crazy imagining what they are thinking, planning or doing.

I'm so scared of what we've become. I don't think this is the world that whatever put us here, planned on. We've never outgrown the feudal system. It's worldwide, and we have no idea who we're paying our tributes to anymore. We've been taught to fear each other and suspect each other for so long, that it's become instinct. We have no hope, in this time-line, of repairing the damage we've done to ourselves and this world. We've outlived our warranty and we're existing on borrowed time. These are the last days of man on Earth. Hell, it may even be the last days of Earth itself, if we have our way. Every religion was right AND wrong. None of your gods showed up to rescue you from yourselves. If any of them are really out there, they're as scared of you as you are of the evil YOU'VE created. The experiment that was "The Human Race" has already been scrapped. The results are nothing more grandiose than a chalkboard full of scratched-out equations and a bio-hazard sticker on a broken test tube. All that remains is to incinerate the control subject before it figures out how to spread any further.

Personally, i just wanna scrape by long enough to watch it all burn up. You gotta admit you love seeing it happen to other people. Well, I've decided that we're all other people and one of the few things we've retained from our primitive incarnations is our obsession with FIRE and EXPLOSIONS...and i'm imagining one hell of a pyrotechnics display right now.
So get out there and WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

and don't disappoint me.

peace...or the extreme lack there-of,