Saturday, June 11, 2005


they come to praise the man

so capable of great things,

that some have even whispered

into confident ears,
the words:
"Christ reborn."

and they hope that this great one

carries the answer,
to the atrocities that they themselves commit

every day of their lives.

"Oh, that this new Jesus

might heal all wounds

and deliver us to paradise,

so that we may sin no more."

and if it is not true,

they will drink his blood

and pray to God that

he might send his son soon...
before they destroy themselves

in their never-ending search

for comfort and a sense of morality.

Whoops! Got Some On You...

i sneezed on you on purpose,
and now i'm watching to see if you get sick.
it's such a tiny
but powerful gesture.
you never even suspected it.
God bless you.